The Wanton Wife

i found my one and only, we got married. we drifted apart and i cheated. we're reconciling, now our journey together continues in our D/s marriage...

Perfect Connection

Wow, finally felt the desire and pleasure of wanting to write up our trysts.  i have been posting journal blogs, a few here and there.  But i haven’t felt the glee or compulsion to share…until today.

Last night was all over the place emotionally.  Happy…

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Suspending 30 Positions in 30 DaysSorry i haven’t written in a few days and have let the 30 Positions in 30 Days fall by the way…View Post

30P/30D - The Nirvana

Day 7 The Nirvana

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Day 7: 30 Positions in 30 DaysThis is one of my fave positions, with my cuffs on.
The Nirvana

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30P/30D - Finding ‘Just Right’

Mmmm, i love it when we start out with me on my knees in front of Sir.  With my hands on His thighs, i look up at Him.  Smiling a devilishly naughty grin, i take His semi-hard cock into my mouth and slide my lips to the base of Him.  i slowly glide up and…

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Day 5: 30 Positions in 30 Days

This post was originally started by Mr. Wanton and finished by the mrs.  He wanted to explain why there will be an ‘extra’ day of positions and why there won’t be a position post today.

So here i am, mrs. w, writing to you.

In essence, Mr. Wanton has been…

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Day 5: 30 Positions in 30 DaysDay 5 of the quest went pretty well, considering we forgot to pic out a position earlier in the…View Post

30P/30D - Portal to Pleasure

i’m sitting at my computer in the bedroom, writing, when i hear, “Hey, i’m in the living room.”  Oh!  Duh!  i forgot, Day 4 of the quest.

I quickly strip and sprint to the living room.  All the lights are off and He’s sitting on the couch.  Moonlight…

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Day 4: 30 Positions in 30 DaysOkay, so we’re tried sex standing up before, but that was ages ago when we were dating and just…View Post

30P/30D - Oldie But Goodie

It’s Day 3 of the ‘quest’ and today has been an up and down kinda day for us.  We found ourselves talking about something i had mentioned to my physical affair partner; about marks on my body.  Sir and i were talking it through before, during and after a…

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I’m not your Nice Guy, Or Mr. Wanton will have a large order of Crazy Please

Mr. Wanton here:

We started reevaluating some decisions we had made about not having a child, it’s a risky proposition for the Mrs. and it will require the aid of some technology and fertility doctors, due to some unfortunate plumbing problems in Mrs.…

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Day 3: 30 Positions in 30 DaysThe Classic & The Toad

<—- The
The —->
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30P/30D - Mood Elevator

Our session began as most do, with a spanking.  Sometimes the purpose is to refocus.  Sometimes it’s simply for pleasure.  This one was the latter.  i had been having a bit of a rough day, Sir knew it, and i needed a little ‘pick me up’.

While i am bent…

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Day 2: 30 Positions in 30 DaysDoggy Style
We’ve, and everyone else on the planet, has done this position before.  Doggy style. …View Post

Lesson #6: Being Present

Sir then moves around me and gets onto the bed, leaning against the headboard.  He summons me over to straddle Him.  Eagerly, i get up to obey.

Then real life creeps in and my focus has shifted.  I notice He’s still wearing socks, there’s a ‘hate poop’ on…

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